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RantMedia Content

Patrolling With Sean Kennedy: Patrolling with Sean Kennedy educates viewers about tactical gear, physical and mental preparedness, and corporate politics.

SKTFMTV: SKTFMTV follows the adventures of Sean Kennedy and the rest of the Rant crew.

The Sean Kennedy TV Show: The Sean Kennedy TV Show was borne from Sean Kennedy's almost five years of radio DJ experience at the time and various video projects. Every Monday night at 8PM PT/11PM ET Sean Kennedy spoke to a live studio audience and the Internet, broadcasting LIVE on RantTV.
Sean Kennedy: Zombie Hunter (Short Film): Sean Kennedy protects civilians during the 2010 Vancouver zombie walk.

Home Sweet Clone (short film): "Home Sweet Clone" is a short romantic comedy from the future. Aden's found a great apartment, but a face from her romantic past has gotten there first.

Community Content

Storm The Wire: Inspired by shows like Patrolling with Sean Kennedy and Survivorman, STORM THE WIRE shows you emergency preparedness, tactical gear reviews, urban and wilderness survival techniques and field cooking in a fun adventure vlog style.

Obsoleet: Where old technology goes to live. A showcase of old hardware and hackery from one geek to another.

RedOctagon Television: A versatile show based out of the rant forums, it touches on technology, survival, gear, cooking, and many other things, with a heavy dose of self-satire.

Lore's lectures: Each episode, Loreandlaw takes you through and gives advice on a topic, from the finer points of pipe smoking, to self-defense. Why should you watch? Because he's Loreandlaw, that's why!

R4nger5: Back of Beyond V takes you into the woods to show you the finer points of wild camping and back country living. From making fire, building shelter, right down to dealing with boredom. This isn't some guy setting up a tent in his back yard, this is the real deal.

Archon Defender (Movie): Archon Defender follows the path of a young woman, Colette, as she seeks her way through adversity to redemption, as the world she once knew is torn apart by war and tyranny.

Rocketmen Vs Robots (Short Movie Series): In the future, mankind has colonized the stars and achieved an advanced technological civilization. Unfortunately, a race of giant killer robots, the Killbots, are waging a war of destruction on all of humanity. The Rocketmen are the first line of defense against the invading hordes of killbots, protectors of the human colonies.

Patient Zero Music Videos: Music videos from the experimental UK industrial artist 'Patient Zero'

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