Tales from the Afternow

The 'Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks' animation is finished and is heading to a film festival near you. Checking the 'Little Rocks' page for the festival dates!


Join Independent Librarian Dynamic Sean Kennedy VI as he takes you into a dark future where mega-corporations rule, listener licenses are easily violated, and even time itself is copyrighted.

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2013.06.10: Rachael's Mutt is being adapted into a LIVE ACTION short film!

Tales from the Afternow Episode VI: Rachael's Mutt is being turned into a short film and is currently crewing up! Film industry professionals will bring the characters of Mutt and Rachael to life on the big screen by blending live action with state of the art 3D animation and compositing. Check out the Rachael's Mutt Facebook Page for updates on this exciting upcoming film!
(Right hand side fan art submitted by DreadAngel)

2010.10.29: 'Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks' has won another award, this time for audio design!

The Afternow animation took won 'Best Audio Design' at the Vancouver Short Film Festival! Both Sean Kennedy and I were in attendance and were able to accept the award. Afternow's strength has always been in the rich sound right from it's beginnings as a audio drama. Thanks also goes out to Patient Zero who provided the amazing soundtrack that contributed to the soundscape of the film. Check out the Little Rocks webpage for a showing near you!

2010.09.27: The now award winning 'Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks' has been showing all over the planet to great reception!

The animation took first place to win 'Best Animated Science Fiction' at Dragon*Con where David Krupicz, the director and animator, accepted the award on behalf of everyone involved in the film. Check out the Little Rocks webpage for a showing near you!

2010.03.09: RantMedia is pleased to announce that David K. has finished the visuals are completed for the Afternow Animation of 'Little Rocks' and the film is going into post production. Check out the latest edition to the gallery on the right hand side and click for even more production stills from the film.

We'd also like to announce that the music/score will be composed by experimental industrial musician Patient Zero. Check out some of his music on his YouTube channel.

2009.11.02: Afternow is being adapted into an animation short film! RantMedia and award winning animator David T. Krupicz are working on the short animation based upon 'Afternow Episode II: Little Rocks'. You may want to listen to that episode again to refresh your memory of this great episode.

Also, if you haven't checked the forums, there is a list of Afternow fan media. Check out all the audio tributes to the world of Afternow that the fans of the series have created!

2009.03.19: A quick update, there are a number of exciting things happening in the world of Afternow. RantMedia is working on Season 3 of Afternow, an Afternow Role Playing System, DVD of Afternow in 5.1 Surround, Afternow Comics, Afternow Graphic Novel, Afternow Poster and Afternow TShirts. To keep you entertained while you wait, below is an excerpt from the RantMedia 10 Year anniversary video. At the 10th Anniversary Afternow was performed LIVE by Sean Kennedy! The video from the live performance will appear on the upcoming Afternow DVD which will include Seasons 1-3 with season 3 in 5.1 surround sound!

2007.11.06: A new section, Books, has been added to the Afternow site for the upcoming comic series from RantMedia adapted from the audio tales from Sean Kennedy. Check out the area for artwork from the upcoming releases!

2006.09.28: What you are seeing to the right is an unfinished sketch from Joe The Shadow's upcoming comic based on episode 8 of Tales from the Afternow, "Car Wars"! More details will follow as things progress. This is a separate project from the Graphic Novel. I will release more artwork and information as we get closer to a releaseable form for this comic.

2006.02.05: The great art on the right is done by Joe The Shadow who is one of the artists working on the Afternow Graphic Novel. Click on the picture for a larger link. This is just a small preview of what is to come!

2006.01.08: Any further audio versions of Tales from the Afternow have been put on hold for an indefinite amount of time. In the mean time, the TFTA Graphic Novel is currently being developed.

2005.08.08: Big NEWS! Tales From The Afternow is going to be released in Graphic Novel format in mid-2006! We already have some extremely talented artists on board and are looking for more. Please read the Rant Newsletter for more information on how you can get involved. I will be posting the story outline and some art to whet your appetite as the graphic novel progresses.

2005.06.08: The *new* Season Three of the Afternow is currently being recorded and have been slated to be released later this year! Have no fear, it will be soon. In the meantime, download this great flyer done by RikkiRockett and spread the virus of server. The *old* Season III did not fit in the Afternow timeline and will be used in a different project. If you still would like to listen to the *old* Season III before it disappears you can grab it from the the episodes page.

2004.12.10: Season Four of the Afternow is being planned for release in early 2005. It'll be worth the wait! Until then please enjoy host of new mirrors of seasons one through three.

2004.05.04: The final episode of Season three is now available for download. Tales from the Afternow will return for it's fourth season in August 2004. Thanks for listening!

2004.04.27: Episode one through eight of Season three are available for download on the listen page, as well as a whole slew of new Fan Media which has been added to the site. Please take the time to check out the latest Afternow inspired art that has come our way.

2004.03.25: Episode one, two and three of Season 3 of the Afternow are now available for download off the Listen page.

2003.04.15: More audio madness for the masses, Episode 14 hits the web. Complete with a host of new updated mirrors. Tune in to RantRadio next Monday night for Episode 15!

2003.04.08: Episode 11, 12 & 13 are now available for download. After you've digested all the new TFTA goodness be sure to pop over to The Afternow discussion forum at Rantradio.com and share your thoughts on the show with other listeners and the RantRadio crew.

2003.03.23: Episode 10 links have been added. If you missed the original airing or feel strangely compelled to give it another listen you can download it now. The Afternow would also like to take the time to thank SideSlide for providing us with a new set of TFTA mirrors!
The Fan Media section has also been updated with some wicked Afternow art, be sure to check it out and tune in tomorrow for a brand new episode!

2003.03.18: Back in the saddle again, The Afternow returns to the RantRadio rotation following the Sean Kennedy Show on Monday nights! You'll hear what is in store for all of us, straight from the mouth of Independent Librarian Sean Kennedy VI as his journey through the barren wastes continues.
If you would like to help The Afternow you can now make donations to the show via paypal. Check the donations page for more information. We appreciate your support.

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