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Listen Live in Second Life

Listen live on Thursday 7PM PT to NewsReal before anyone else by sitting in on the virtual studio record in Second Life! Just install the Second Life, then Teleport to studio! The studio is located at Node Archers (Coord: 155,74,666)


1) CREATE: Create a new account at the Second Life website. You will have to pick from a list for your last name for your avatar but we all refer to each other by the first name so that's what matters. Also don’t worry too much about what your avatar is going to look like as you can change that later.

2) DOWNLOAD: Download the Second Life Client for Windows, MAC or Linux. Linux and MAC clients are not as well developed as the Windows client but once you've logged in, other can help you tweak the system.

3) START: Start up the Second Life client, login and you will arrive in an area coined 'Noob Hell'. It's a tutorial area that will take you through the basics of Second Life. If you don't want to go through the tutorial you can skip to the next step and teleport to the NewsReal area.

4) TELEPORT: To get to the right spot in Second Life you need to teleport to NewsReal area of Second Life which is located at Node Archers (Coord: 155,74,666). Just click on the link with Second Life open and it will up a map page that you need to click the "teleport now' button. In the Second Life viewer a window will open up that you need to click on the button that says "Teleport" that will transport you to the NewsReal area called HunkerDown's.

5) JOIN: You will now need to join the RantMedia Second Life group in order to access to the NewsReal stage area. To do this click the SEARCH button at the bottom center of the viewer. Type in the FIND box "Rant Media Voice" and click the top result called “Rant Media Voice”. Don’t mistake it with the other one called "Rant Media Voice Owners". It’s got nothing to do with NewsReal. Then at the bottom left click "View Full Profile" and a window will open up and you will find a button that says (JOIN L$0). Click it and that's it! This will give you full access to all of Hunker Down’s including the Pyramid and will get rid of the big NO ENTRY lines that keep you from the rest of the area.

NewsReal Forums

FORUM: Discuss news items on the show or post your own related topics in the NewsReal Forum with other fans! There are already tons of posts to read through and add your voice to the topic.

Chat In The IRC

RANTCHAT: If you'd like to talk in real time with other Fans on NewsReal then the RantChat is the place for you. Follow the instructions on the RantChat page to join in on the conversation.

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