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These are the members of the dedicated team who make RantMedia possible.

James O'Brien (Cimmerian)

___RantMedia Founder

Possibly the busiest man on the planet, James created all the aspects of RantMedia you see today. When he isn't busy answering email or singing in his band, he's filming, editing, coding, and trying to uphold his vegan virtues. He does it all because he loves the experience, and has dedicated his time since 1999 to providing a conduit for free speech and entertainment. He has appeared on many of the RantMedia shows including the Sean Kennedy Radio Show, Sean Kennedy TV Show, SKTFMTV, Patrolling With Sean Kennedy, the WhatTheHell?!? Show, RantSpeak, NewsReal and Pirate Party Radio.

Sean Kennedy (SKTFM)


The charismatic voice and face at the forefront of almost every RantMedia project. Sean's miraid of shows stretch from the early beginnings of RantRadio with the WhatTheHell?!? Show to his ongoing RantTV series SKTFMTV. Whether it be controversial issues, or the latest piece of technology, Sean has probably ranted about it. Sean's fame is rooted in his 2-4 minute rantings in which he furiously discusses daily issues in his interesting life. His projects include The Sean Kennedy Radio Show , The Sean Kennedy TV Show , SKTFMTV , Patrolling with Sean Kennedy , Tales From The Afternow and NewsReal.

WEBSITE: Dark Atlas

Sean Idzenga (Null0x)

___Lead Developer

A fan of RantMedia since the mid 2000s, Sean has since endeavoured to promote free speech and free alternative media wherever he can. Being a full-time software developer naturally provides him with the skills and know-how to contribute and maintain the RantMedia website. When he isn't slaving behind an IDE, Sean is learning new skills, writing, playing video games or managing the RantMedia discord server. Although he carried the torch for NewsReal for a while he's since shifted his focus towards writing code, but you can catch him on Friday evenings for Catacoma on RantRadio Industrial.

WEBSITE: seanidzenga@bitbucket nothing added yet, but that'll change over time

Michael Moore (Sparky)

___RantMedia Photographer / Program Director: RantRadio Punk

Michael has been with RantMedia since 2000. When Sparky is not filming or photographing he is spreading the good word of Rant to the masses. Sparky has worked on local documentaries. A personable and persistent character led him to become the PR person for Rant. So if you're looking for info on Rant, he's your man.

WEBSITE: Michael Moore

Marc G. (Helosix)

___Program Director: RantRadio Industrial

Marc G., also known as "Helosix" has been tied to the Industrial/EBM/Electronic music scene since the early 80's. Born in West Germany and then immigrating to Chicago he spent many of his childhood years traveling back and forth which helped to give him a taste of both the European and U.S. underground music scenes. In the late 80's he worked for the now infamous Chicago underground club, Medusa's. There he was exposed to and met people in the Wax Trax! Scene including, Front 242, Ministry, Die Warzau, TKK and the rest. He now resides just outside Austin Texas with his lovely wife and two children. Day job: Converged Network Engineer for a large telecommunications company and the owner of the underground electronic label, "SigSaly Transmissions". Helosix is also the host of 'Electronic Warfare w/ Helosix' a popular weekly show heard on RantRadio Industrial.

Ryan Robson (Yugosaki)

___Program Director: RantTV

Independent filmmaker, geek, martial artist, and many other things. Ryan is best described under the old adage "jack of all trades, master of none." He has way too many hobbies, including a video show based out of the Rant community known as RedOctagon TV. One day he decided he still had a little bit of free time, which is unacceptable, and volunteered to help run RantTV.

WEBSITE: RedOctagon TV

Michael Elliott (KindelingBoy)

___Copywriter / Editor

Copywriter for RantMedia, Michael has been tempted into writing for nothing in order to show his support and make a difference. When he isn't writing filler for the various Rant web sites he practices philosophy without a license at Simon Fraser University. Michael has been a long time fan of Sean Kennedy and the various entertaining projects of RantMedia, so lending his skills to the cause seemed like the next logical step. His pet peeves include shortsightedness and writing biographies about himself.

Intricate Girl

___Rant Researcher

Chronic unemployment by choice (otherwise known as being a stay at home mom) has given Intricate Girl the opportunity to explore many areas of interest, including being a writer for a newspaper, a small business owner, a website developer, and having her concept for a short film used by a local film production company. And that's on a slow day. In addition to her researching duties for RantMedia, she is currently in the planning stage for her first role as a director of a short film.