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Below you will find a history of all major events in the evolution of Rant.



April 29, 2017 - Last episode of The WhatTheHell?!? Show in video is posted, 16 years after the last radio episode aired.
January 3, 2017 - The debut episode of State of the Station hosted by James O'Brien is posted on YouTube. This is the revamped video version of the radio show when RadioRadio started in 1999.


August 31, 2015 - The WhatTheHell?!? Show in video starts being posted on YouTube in order.


December 19-23, 2012 - GetAway from Y2K12: The Rant crew go into the woods to survive through Y2K12
September 22, 2012 - Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks wins for Best Atmospheric/Weird Film at Wasteland Film Festival
February 9, 2012 - Sean Kennedy's short film Whore is released.
January 7, 2012 - Rant's 13th Anniversary Event in Vancouver


July 24, 2011 - Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks wins first place for 'Best Animated Film' at Mississauga Independent Film Festival.
June 8, 2011 - Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks wins first place for 'Best 3D Animation' at California International Animation Festival.
April 25, 2011 - Sean Kennedy's NewsReal end its long run with show #500.
January 8, 2011 - Rant's 12th Anniversary Event in Vancouver


October 29, 2010 - Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks wins first place for 'Best Audio Design' at Vancouver Short Film Festival.
September 6, 2010 - Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks wins first place for 'Best Animated Science Fiction' at Dragon*Con Film Festival.
May 19, 2010 - Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks premiere in theatres.
March 31, 2010 - SKTFMTV Set 1 & 2 is released on DVD
January 3, 2010 - Rant's 11th Anniversary Event in Vancouver


October 27, 2009 - The first episode of Pirate Party Radio, hosted by James O'Brien, is released.
October 7, 2009 - Archon Defender, an animation featuring the voiceover work of James O'Brien and Sean Kennedy, is premiered and released on DVD.
August 14, 2009 - Patrolling S1 & S2 begin airing on Sky Digital Satellite Channel 200, Controversial TV, in the UK and Ireland on Friday & Sunday @ 9PM GMT (1PM PT / 4PM ET).
February 19, 2009 - Patrolling Season Two is released on DVD. This marks the first release of a RantMedia project on replicated media.
January 12, 2009 - Sean Kennedy's first comic 'The Locksmith' is released as a free download.
January 3, 2009 - 10 Year RantMedia Anniversary RantMeet: RantMedia's 10 Year Anniversary Event that was held at VanCity theatre in Vancouver BC


January 5, 2008 - 9 Year RantMedia Anniversary RantMeet: RantMedia Nine Year Anniversary Meet In Vancouver BC


August 4-6, 2007 - RantMedia @ DEFCON 15: The "largest underground hacking event in the world"! Sean Kennedy, Cimmerian, Enki and Sparky will be travelling down once again to Las Vegas for DEFCON 15. The crew at DEFCON have invited RantMedia to help out with the event.
April 30, 2007 - Sean Kennedy's Second Book 'The Scabbed Wings Of Abaddon' released.
March 1, 2007 - James O'Brien appears in 'On Piracy: On Piracy & the Future of Media', a documentary about streaming media and the impact of piracy. IMDB LINK
January 19, 2007 - Tales from Afternow episodes 1 through 15 are played on terrestrial radio station CFMU on the show Twilight of the False Gods episodes 25 through 38.
January 15, 2007 - NewsReal begins broadcasting again weekly with episode 282.


October 25 & 26, 2006 - Sean Kennedy appears as a guest on Way of the Master Radio headed by Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort & Todd Friel
August 4-6, 2006 - RantMedia assists DEFCON 14's three day event in Las Vegas.
June 19, 2006 - NewsReal goes on hiatus after 281 episodes.
January 2, 2006 - Sean Kennedy switches to a weekly format for his radio show NewsReal


September 29, 2005 - First episode of Season Two of Patrolling with Sean Kennedy released
July 29-July 31, 2005 - RantMedia supplies video streaming for DEFCON 13's three day event in Las Vegas.
June 27, 2005 - Sean Kennedy's First Book 'The Bloodstained Rabbit' released
May 2005 - Patrolling with Sean Kennedy aired on Berkley TV Channel 28 from May until September at Tue 9:30PM, Thu 4:00PM and Sun 9:00AM
February 7, 2005 - Sean Kennedy and James O'Brien speak in New York at the Adirondack Community College on the topic of Independent Media
January 3, 2005 - Sean Kennedy starts broadcast of his daily (M-F) radio show NewsReal
January 1, 2005 - Rant Six Year Anniversary Meet: Rant Six Year Anniversary Meet


November 4, 2004 - Broken Saints DVD is released with an interview from August 11, 2003 episode of The Sean Kennedy TV Show with Brooke Burgess of Broken Saints as an easter egg on disc 2 (Buzz Menu / Top Of XMas Tree / Title 22)
July 30-August 1, 2004 - RantMedia @ DEFCON 12: RantMedia supplies video streaming for DEFCON 12's three day event in Las Vegas.
July 5, 2004 - Porn On Beta releases their second album 'Brand New Road To Nowhere'
June 6, 2004 - First episode of Season One of Patrolling with Sean Kennedy released
March 7, 2004 - Tales From The Afternow Season III starts on RantRadio Talk
January 18, 2004 - RantSpeak with hosts Cimmerian and Smokehouse debuts on RantRadio Talk
January 3, 2004 - 5th Anniversary of RantMedia!


December 22, 2003 - The last Sean Kennedy TV Show airs after twenty successful shows.
November 17, 2003 - RantRadio grows into three distinct radio stations: RantRadio Industrial, RantRadio Punk and RantRadio Talk.
September 2003 - Rant in Europe: Cimmerian treks across Europe via foot, train and whatever to visit Europe and all the European RantRadio fans. Countries on this trip included Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands!
August 25-September 2, 2003 - RantMedia @ Burning Man 2003: Cimmerian makes the great pilgrimage back to the Black Rock Desert with Sideslide.
August 23, 2003 - RantMedia's PA1N Magazine issue one is released.
July 21, 2003 - The first Sean Kennedy TV Show goes on the air on RantTV.
July 14, 2003 - The last Sean Kennedy Radio Show airs on RantRadio and switches over to video on RantTV.
June 15, 2003 - RantTV starts broadcasting 24/7.
January 3, 2003 - Fourth Anniversary Show: Full audio from the WTH?!? "reunion" show, pics and more info here!


August 22-25, 2002 - RantMedia manages the Audio/Video for FragMart 2002's four day event.
June 24, 2002 - First episode of Tales From The Afternow debuts on RantRadio.
May 2002 - Sean Kennedy interviewed on CBC Show Basic Black by Arthur Black about PARA and Mel's Hole
March 15, 2002 - Porn On Beta releases their first album 'Welcome To Real Life'
January 14, 2002 - The first Sean Kennedy Radio Show airs on RantRadio.


August 27-September 3, 2001 - RantMedia @ Burning Man 2001: Rant goes into the desert to film a documentary as part of the SKTFMTV series.
June 14, 2001 - First episode of SKTFMTV released.
April 29, 2001 - The last WhatTheHell?!? Radio Show airs on RantRadio.
April 24, 2001 - Sean Kennedy's rant 'Frankenfood' aired on CBC Show TodRadio


July 1-2, 2000 - Canada Day 26 Hour Marathon: The WTH?!? Crew Broadcast for 26 hours straight during Canada Day 2000
January 2000 - Porn On Beta joins the RantMedia family.


December 1999-January 2000 - GetAway From Y2K: The Rant crew go into the woods to survive through Y2K
September 17-19, 1999 - Korn Tribute Weekend: RantRadio broadcasts a weekend long tribute to Korn.
August 27-29, 1999 - Nine Inch Nails Tribute Weekend: RantRadio broadcasts a weekend long tribute to Nine Inch Nails
January 3, 1999 - WhatTheHell?!? Radio Show debuts on RantRadio.
January 3, 1999 - RantRadio starts broadcasting 24/7.